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We work with Schools, Towns, Counties, and Businesses to solve energy problems and designs innovative solutions.
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$1,050,000 +

Annual savings for School Districts that joined both our Natural Gas and Electric Energy Purchase Management Programs


Average Savings for a customer that joins our Natural Gas Purchase Management Program

$1,150,000 +

Savings from Over-Charges identified and returned to customers


Savings for a BOCES as a result of negotiating with a utility and the Public Service Commission


Savings for 7 School Districts as a result of billing errors in August, 2019


Annual Retrofit Savings on two local Lighting Projects completed recently

Annual savings for School Districts that joined both our Natural Gas and Electric Energy Purchase Management Programs


Savings for a BOCES that joined our Natural Gas Purchase Management Program


Average Savings for a customer that joins our Natural Gas Purchase Management Program

Yearly Savings from Over-Charges identified + returned to customers during Performance Contract Reviews

School District that joined our Electric Energy Purchase Management Program


Savings for a community College that joined both Natural Gas and Electric energy programs

What goes into your Energy Programs?

Support For Our Clients

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Manage Annual Energy Bids
  • Prepare Annual Energy Budgets
  • Energy Cost and Reduction Projects, (Green Energy Group)
  • Performance Based Contracts
  • Customer Liaison with Utilities & Public Service Commission

Research & Analysis

  • Utility Rates & Tariffs
  • Ongoing Energy Usage Analysis
  • Baseline Usage Analysis
  • Real-Time Usage Reports
  • Web-Based Metering w/ Customer Energy Profiling
  • Education & Seminars on Energy Related Topics

Customized Monitoring:

  • Monthly review and analysis of utility and supplier statements
  • Monthly reporting on year-to-date usage, cost, and savings
  • Annual budget prepared based on actual usage and market forecast
  • Customer Liaison with Utilities and PCS
  • Monitor all PCS orders and directives
  • Monitor Utility Tariff ad Rate classifications

Our Western NY Energy Management Programs

Electric Energy Purchase Management Program:

Electric Energy Purchase Management Program includes both procurement and ongoing analysis. There are delivery and tax related incentives for customers to purchase their electric energy from quality Energy Service Companies (ESCO). Energy Enterprises Inc. will assist you in finding as ESCO that best meets your requirements and in turn monitor your usage, cost , and savings to ensure you obtain your maximum savings potential.

Natural Gas Purchase Management Program:

The Natural Gas Purchase Management Program includes both procurement and ongoing monitoring. Energy Enterprises Inc. has consistently saved our customers over 20% on Natural Gas procurement. Additional saving are achieved as a result of the ongoing monitoring of our customers’ meter reads and utility supplier statements.


List of Current Clients

  • Albion Central School
  • Alden Central School
  • Andover Central School
  • Armstrong Pump
  • Attica Central School District
  • Barber Farms
  • Barker Central School District
  • Belfast Central School District
  • Bickle Farms
  • Bolivar-Richburg Central School District
  • Brady Farms
  • Byron Burgen Central School District
  • Cattaraugus County, including Machias Home
  • Clymer Central School District
  • Edgewood Farms LLC
  • Elmar Industries
  • Friendship Central School District
  • Genesee Valley BOCES
  • Erie 1 BOCES
  • Frontier Central School District
  • Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District
  • Livingston County
  • Livingston Wyoming County ARC
  • Lockport City School District
  • Medina Central School District
  • Merrimac Farms
  • Newfane Central School District
  • Niagara Wheatfield Central School District
  • Orleans-Niagara BOCES District
  • Perry Central School District
  • Seating Inc.
  • StarPoint Central School District
  • Village of Geneseo
  • Wellsville Central School District
  • Wilson Central School District


Green Energy Group is our sister company that wants what is best for your business. At Green Energy Group we are constantly looking to help our customers understand what is available to them and to protect their energy budget. Everything from bidding to installation has an impact, an impact that we understand.

With over 30 years of market knowledge behind us, and a customer base that has remained loyal, shouldn’t you put your energy trust with us?. Our staff is Professional, Courteous, and Prompt. Those qualities have taken us a long way and with your help they will take us even further!

What We Have to Offer

  • Energy Audits that are customized to your project needs
  • Project Installation (qualifying applications)
  • Sub-Contracting
  • Solar Energy Consultation
  • Budget Planning & Creation
  • Energy Monitoring and Consulting ​

Project Development

  • Site Visit
  • Project Consult with our Development Specialist
  • Review of Project Objectives
  • Quoting & Proposal
  • Funding Assistance
  • Project Approval
  • Installation
  • Project Completion


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  • Erie 1 BOCES
  • Genesee Valley
    Veterinary Hospital
  • R & P Oak Hill
  • WCJW Radio
  • Cheektowaga-Sloan UFSD

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