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Understand Your Energy

As a leading energy consulting firms in the country, we solve energy problems & design innovative solutions. Our mission is to provide & implement a customized strategy for each customer while maximizing energy flexibility.

Minimize Your Costs

As Part of providing energy programs, Energy Enterprises Inc. has successfully intervened on behalf of Schools, Towns, Counties, and Businesses with their local utilities and the Public Service Commission.

Maximize Your Flexibility

We garnered this understanding of the inner workings of Utilities, The Public Service Commission, Municipal Law and Energy Dependant Systems to for Energy Enterprises Inc. as an Energy Consulting Firm.

List of Potential Services

  • Bidding of Natural Gas
  • Bidding of Electricity
  • Annual Budget Preparation
  • Review existing facilities to achieve further energy savings
  • Review new projects to insure energy conservation
  • Prepare monthly reports detailing a usage analysis on both monthly and year-to-date information
  • Monitor usage through weekly meter reads and tracking
  • Perform review and analysis of utility and supplier invoices
  • Work with organization on Emergency Demand Reduction Program through curtailment
  • Prepare a historical review of facilities usage, energy costs, cost per square foot, and produce various options for potential savings
  • Attend various meetings as an energy consultant, such as Board meetings, public hearings, etc.
  • Represent the organization at certain meetings, such as with the utilities, public service commission, architectural reviews, etc.
  • Help the organization work within the constraints of a NYSERDA program or review
  • Complete a Thermographic review of buildings looking for inefficient items such as electric panels, motors, and coolers to mention a few.
  • Review facilities for possible lighting upgrades.

Energy Efficient Projects with Green Energy Group


Are you in the early stages of, or thinking of undertaking an energy performance project? Let Green Energy Group help plan and manage! Our projects keep your bottom line in focus, and will positively effect your energy fingerprint. Whether its new construction or an existing facility we can create a plan that is truly efficient.

Buffalo NY, Rochester NY & Surrounding Areas Energy Savings

Energy Enterprises Inc. knows that the energy landscape is evolving. We help our clients operate in the challenging environments and situations that are preventing them from the savings they truly deserve.

Currently there are four trends that are having a profound impact on our clients’ businesses:

  • The power of customer choice and changing demands
  • Shifting power-generating sources
  • Regionalizing of energy resources
  • Merging industries, new entrants, and colliding giants

Energy Enterprises Inc provides utility consulting insights that help our clients build their businesses and innovate sustainable solutions that create value for the long term.

LED Lighting Change October 2016
LED Lighting Change October 2016

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! Check Out Our Client Testimonials.

“The District has been a client for many years and continues to work with Energy Enterprises Inc. to answer questions and assist in the development of our energy budgets.” ” We have found they have a very high degree of knowledge related to the energy business and are always ready to share their information when called upon.” Bart Schuler

Business Administrator, Newfane Central School District

“I have been associated with Energy Enterprises for over 15 years. They have undoubtedly saved our company thousands of dollars in our energy program. They have also assisted me in developing energy savings programs. Energy Enterprises Inc. has taken charge of 2 lighting programs through NYSERDA which was complete, and very thorough.” Karl Ziolek

Facilities Manager, Armstrong Pumps

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