Big News & Big Savings!

That's right! Energy Enterprises Inc. has come through again. This time to the assistance of our newest client Erie 1 BOCES. We have successfully recovered $31,611.46 from National Grid through litigation with the Public Service Commission. A 24 month back billing error was reduced to 12 month back billing. The refund will be directly applied to Erie 1 BOCES National Grid invoice moving forward.

Once again, It truly pays you to have EEI in your corner!


Supporting Our Clients

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Manage Annual Energy Bids
  • Prepare Annual Energy Budgets
  • Energy Cost and Reduction Projects, (Green Energy Group)
  • Performance Based Contracts
  • Customer Liason with Utilities & Public Service Commission

Research & Analysis

  • Utility Rates & Tariffs
  • Ongoing Energy Usage Analysis
  • Baseline Usage Analysis
  • Real-Time Usage Reports
  • Web-Based Metering w/ Customer Energy Profiling
  • Education & Seminars on Energy Related Topics

Energy Efficient Projects with Green Energy Group: In the early Stages of, or thinking of undertaking an Energy performance project? Let Green Energy Group help plan and manage! Our projects keep your bottom line in focus, and will positively effect your energy fingerprint. Whether its new construction or an existing facility we can create a plan that is truly efficient. Interested in what we may be able to offer you? visit Green Energy Group Just click it!

Electric, Natural Gas, Alternative Fuels Energy Customized Monitoring Analysis Includes:

  • Monthly review and analysis of utility and supplier statements
  • Monthly reporting on year-to-date usage, cost, and savings
  • Annual budget prepared based on actual usage and market forecast
  • Customer Liason with Utilities and PCS
  • Monitor all PCS orders and directives
  • Monitor Utility Tariff ad Rate classifications

Electric Energy Purchase Management Program:

Electric Energy Purchase Management Program includes both procurement and ongoing analysis. There are delivery and tax related incentives for customers to purchase their electric energy from quality Energy Service Companies (ESCO). Energy Enterprises Inc. will assist you in finding as ESCO that best meets your requirements and in turn monitor your usage, cost , and savings to ensure you obtain your maximum savings potential.

Natural Gas Purchase Management Program:

The Natural Gas Purchase Management Program includes both procurement and ongoing monitoring. Energy Enterprises Inc. has consistently saved our customers over 20% on Natural Gas procurement. Additional saving are achieved as a result of the ongoing monitoring of our customers' eter reads and utility supplier statements.

Sample Energy Savings

$5,000,000.00+ Total 1-year savings for School Districts that joined both our Natural Gas and Electric Energy Purchase Management Programs

$1,000,000+ Yearly Savings from Over-Charges identified + returned to customers during Performance Contract Reviews

40% savings for a BOCES that joined our Natural Gas Purchase Management Program

30% Savings for a Feed Mill on their electric costs through Co-Generation and Utility Negotiations

$140,000.00 saved for a School District that joined our Electric Energy Purchase Management Program

38% Savings for a community College that joined both Natural Gas and Electric energy programs

It truly saves to have EEI on your side!